Random Primary Weapon DPS


Tests were done in Tribute Hall with 909 Weapons. This is just a quick text dump from Notepad so don't expect anything too fancy.

1834 on a headshot
1511(x5) with Explosive Shadow
1226 on a bodyshot
5230 dps
8818 dps with Explosive Shadow
Total Damage : 46384

1853 on a FULL Headshot
458 on 1 Headshot
1157 on a FULL set of bodyshots
287 on 1 bodyshot
DPS assuming you head 100% headshots
15037 - too lazy to calculate others
57443 total damage

Cerberus (with catalyst)*
3208 on a FULL Headshot
803 on 1 headshot
2659 on a FULL set of bodyshots
665 on 1 bodyshot
(Assuming perfect RNG and 100% headshots)
9500 DPS, 99469 TD
(Assuming fair RNG and 50% headshots, 50% bodyshots)
8691 DPS
(Assuming bad RNG and 25% headshots, 75% bodyshots)
8283 DPS
(Assuming you don't even aim for the head, 100% bodyshots)
7874 DPS
*extreme damage dropoff :
starts at 12m for ADS, 8m if hip-firing

Sweet Business (TD-Total Damage)
561 on a headshot (TD-84150, DPS-7630)
400 on a bodyshot (TD-60000, DPS-5440)
War Rig Values, headshot and bodyshot respectively
TD-236742, DPS-8083
TD-168800, DPS-5764
tldr : cerberus>malfeasance and business, the only thing malfeasance has going for it is that it beats a business in raw dps.