So Many Enchantments
A great way to increase enchantments.


This mod adds several(32 are displayed, I don't have time yet to display to the new ones.) enchantments in addition to the vanilla minecraft enchantments.

Some enchantments will be revamped and/or be nerfed as this mod is still in W.I.P. most notably the enchantments that is way too simple.

70 - 120 enchantments are planned, including for sword enchantments, armor enchantments.

Currently I am working on swords and axes for combat enchantments, tools enchantment and armor will be in future updates.

Some vanilla enchantments will have extreme and enhanced variants (ex. Extreme Sharpness etc.)

Feel free to report any bugs you can find. Also please put a spoiler so me and other people won't have to scroll down...

Enchantments that are not meant to be combined because they are too OP are still being worked on.

Enchantments that I've added are alphabetically arranged for easy navigation except for W.I.P enchantments...

Y - Good to use. N - Don't use. ? - Needs more testing, could be used or not.


Piercing Edge - (W.I.P):

For each level converts 25% of your damage to armor penetrating attack damage against armored opponent. Has a custom death message if the sword is enchanted. The only known bug is if a mob holds a sword enchanted with this gives a wrong death message. N

Ash Destroyer:

Deals extra damage based on your damage to a burning mob. Y

Atomic Deconstructor:

Each of your attack has a very low percent to instant kill mobs and player. ?

Crippling Strikes:

Each of your attack has a chance to cripple an enemy, applying many negative potion effects to an adversary. ?

Critical Strike:

Each of your attack has a chance to perform critical damage that based on your attack damage. y


Applicable to axes. When attacking an opponent, applies a jump boost to yourself. If you jump and attack a mob while falling, you deal an extra 1.5 times damage based on your attack damage and if that mob has low health, it is instantly killed. Beware that performing this rapidly will make you exhausted more quickly. Y

Defusing Edge:

Deals extra damage to creepers.N

Disarming Blade:

Attacks have a chance to "disarm" an opponent, applying a negative strength effect and quick swiftness effect. (Note that this don't work against mob that doesn't use "generic.attack.Damage" attribute and range attacks.)N


Your attacks now apply a poison and wither to a mob. (Note that this doesn't apply poison to an undead mob as they are immune to poison).Y


Changes your damage to magic (The level function is similar to the Armor Piercing Enchantment). (Note that when a mob has this enchantment applied to its weapon you will die with a death message similarly when you die because of a instant harming splash and/or potion). ?, need to test more

Extreme Bane of Arthropods:

Just like the vanilla except it has increased damage and increased slowness. Y

Extreme Sharpness:

Just like the vanilla except it don't update the attack damage display and has increased damage. Y

Extreme Smite:

Just like the vanilla except it has increased damage. Also applies weakness. (V0.2.0). Y

Heavy Edge:

No longer W.I.P. Only applicable to axes and increases your damage to armored opponents with their armor not less than 3. N


Your attacks now heal you based on the percentage of your dealt damage. ?

Purging Blade:

Each of your attack damage now has chance to completely remove active effects from your adversary. When that triggers the adversary will be inflicted with a slowness and will receive extra damage. N

Reviled Blade:

Empowers you to deal additional damage to a mob the lower the hp health they have. Y

Spell Breaker:

Deals extra damage to witches. N

Swiping Strikes:

Applicable to Axes(Will be changed). Enables your attacks to damage a multiple mob in front of you. Y (it seems that it lacks bonus damage, but it knocks back surrounding enemies still.)

Water Aspect:

Deals additional damage against fiery opponents (Blazes, Magma Cubes) and Endermen. Your attacks are weaker against a burning mob and you deal bonus damage against a mob that is soaked in water or rain. You also deal bonus damage if you are soaked in water or rain against your opponent.Y

Pure's Blessing: (Special Enchantment, made sure not to be obtainable in survival)

Any items/weapon enchanted with this now instant kills any non invulnerable(soon will affect invulnerable and creative players) mobs and players. no lol


Blessed Enchantment:

Your attacks now lifesteal against undead mobs and you deal additional damage against undead mobs. Y


Your attacks deal extra damage against animals. ?

Crushing (Slicing):

Only applicable to axes, deal extra damage against opponents with their armor. ?

Cursed Enchantment:

Your attacks now deal extra damage based on your attack damage against non-undead mobs. You also will be damaged based on your attack damage. (Note that you will not be damaged if you attack undead mobs. You also will not deal extra damage to undead mobs). Y

Damage Randomizer:

Randomizes your damage, you can deal from a negative damage (heals your opponent) to an enormous damage against any mobs. ?

Faster Strikes:

Your attacks have a chance to reduce the invulnerability of a mob, potentially results in you damaging them much faster. (Note that knockback causes this enchantment to be less potent). Y


Your attacks deal extra damage against nether mobs and entities that are immune to fire (after all nether mobs are mostly immune to fire). Y

Subject English:

One of the subject enchantments (Subject enchantments are special enchantment that have their own category) You deal extra damage against smart mobs (having smart AI). (Iron Golems, Wolves, Villagers, Snow Golems, Witches(well witches know how to drink and make potions after all), Zombie Pigman). ?

Subject Mathematics:

One of the subject enchantments (Subject enchantments are special enchantment that have their own category). Your attacks has a common chance to deal extra damage to mobs. (Similar to critical strike except that the damage is lower but the chance is higher by comparison). Y

Thorn Enhancement:

Similar to enchanted, converts your damage to cactus. (The level system is similar to enchanted and other converting damage type enchantments). ?


Your attacks deal extra damage against mobs with wither and/or poison. The extra damage given to mobs with wither is higher compare to poison and they can be stacked (The damage I mean).Y

Dark Shadows:

0.75 per level if the user and the victim are in dark areas provided that the victim is not glowing. Has 20% chance per level to remove the victim's revenge target. Also applies blindness for 4 sec + 2 sec for each level.Y

Subject PE:

On hit, grants Haste. On hit while sprinting, also grants Speed. Y

Subject PE:

On hit, grants Haste. On hit while sprinting, also grants Speed. Y

Subject PE:

Chance to create an explosion on hit. Y

Subject PE:

On hit, grants Haste. On hit while sprinting, also grants Speed. Y

Subject History:

Higher time played, higher damage. ?


Attacks have a chance to apply negative resistance. If the target has resistance, multiplies the attack damage instead. Attacks also applies weakness if the level is equal or higher than II. ?


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