You trying to get back to grinding Reckoning for 3 hours to get blues? Say no more.

Here's the classic version of the Loot Sim if you want it.

News and stuff

You there! Do you like to kill bosses with primaries like a weirdo? You should check out my comparisons between what I consider the 'boss-killer' primaries here.

I created this thing in a couple of hours because I was bored. Hopefully I add more guns and fixes soon lol

Changelog/Planned Fixes

6/6/19 Version .7 UI update. The weapon list is accessed through a drop-down menu. I may streamline it even further down the line.

5/30/19 Version 0.07 BIG CHANGES. You don't need to reload the page anymore for random perks/masterworks! Duplicate fix and more weapons are planned to be added later. Also added a counter for how many attempted rolls were made.

5/29/19 Version 0.05 - Added the Duke, Masterwork stats, and more readable text on Main Perks(rampage, outlaw, etc.) and masterworks! Still trying to fix issues, today is not the day though.
Unfortunately the dupe glitch also affects Masterworks, so if you do care about those, pick one gun only to get random Masterworks on that too.

5/28/19 Version 0.04 - Loot Sim is kinda finished.

Known Issues I'll probably address :
- Duplicate perks like Tactical Mag + Tactical Mag. I'll get around to solving this soon.
- A more clean and compact UI for rerolling weapons. Right now it's just random buttons, but I plan to either separate them into categories or make a drop-down menu.